World Travel: Tourism & Conservation on Tanzania Safaris

Tourism and conservation is so important and not just on our doorstep in the Lake District but also further afield. This is never more the case than in Tanzania where the elephant population has declined to worryingly low numbers as a result of poaching or other species and the degeneration of their habitat.

tanzania safari elephants
A Tanzania safari is a holiday of a lifetime but it is also an educational one with a chance to learn and understand what is happening with some of Earth;s most treasured, beautiful and spectacular creates. Through supporting and choosing Tanzania safari tour operators such as A Tent With A View Safaris, travellers are not only going to experience the very best in safari travel but are helping to sustain these creatures for years to come. David Guthrie who along with Masa Kilanga devote their time equally between offering beyond magical safaris in various locations within Tanzania and their foundations helping both the elephants, other endangered animals and the local Tanzania communities in which their lodges and camps are located.

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